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Custom Wheels

Building your Custom wheel

ChainWorx not only delivers a complete customisation service for your bike but can also build wheels to meet your exact requirements. Clearly, drivetrains and frames will have an impact on ride quality, however, getting the right wheel is essential when tackling different surface vibrations and changes in road surfaces/imperfections. ChainWorx customises nipples, spokes, hubs and rims to ensure you and your bike are working in harmony. At ChainWorx, style and substance go hand-in-hand, which is why we also offer a variety of colours to suit your look.


Hubs are essential for good free wheel and efficiency. We have some of the best freehubs on the market from makers such as Shimano, DT Swiss and Hope. We can also fit Sturmey and Shimano drum hubs to a variety of rims. If you can’t find the hub you’re looking for on our website, feel free to call us to talk through the options and we can order the part you’re looking for.


Rims play an integral part in ensuring wheel durability and how your bike responds to braking. Make sure you’re bike is ready and equipped by picking out our high quality range of rims from DT Swiss, Mavic and Hope. Again if you can’t see what you’re looking for, just give us a call to talk things through.


Spokes play a huge role in bike maneuverability, so if you want a responsive and smooth ride then choose from our excellent range of spokes and nipples from DT Swiss. We can fit them to virtually any rim of you choosing.


At ChainWorx, we realise that a custom hand-built wheel won’t be for everyone, which is why we have a great choice of ready made, off-the-shelf options from a range of quality manufacturers. However, if you’re a seasoned cyclist or looking to take cycling more seriously a hand-built wheel can make all the difference in terms of ride-quality and energy efficiency, all built around your individual specifications.

As most cyclists will tell you, wheel customisation/investment is pretty much the best starting point for upgrading your bike.

Personal preference also plays a major role in relation to customisation. Before choosing components and final build you should consider your own body type and riding style in order to get things just right. Whether you’re considering carbon bicycle wheel options or just an upgrade to your aluminium rim, ChainWorx will give you free and honest advice on the best fit for you – remember, even if carbon option give you an edge, if damaged this more expensive option is going to need replacing!

For the best custom wheel options and builds, cruise out site and give us a call so we can help ensure you get the best wheel build at a competitive price.



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